Finding Your Perfect Snowboard Size

Choosing the right snowboard size is crucial for optimizing your riding experience. Understanding the interplay between board size, flex, and your physique is key. Here's a guide to help you navigate this essential decision:

Understanding Board Dynamics

A snowboard's size and flex directly impact its performance. An oversized board can be stiffer, making control challenging, while an undersized one sacrifices stability, leading to sliding on turns.

Height: A Starting Point

Begin by using your height as a reference. A simple formula--90% of your height in centimeters--provides a foundational board size, especially useful when unable to physically compare boards.

Aligning Size with Riding Style

Different riding styles demand specific board sizes. Park riders often prefer smaller, more maneuverable boards, while free riders benefit from longer, stiffer boards that offer stability at higher speeds.

Weight: Refining the Choice

Weight is the second factor in board selection. If heavier than average for your height, a slightly longer board might provide better stability. Lighter riders may lean toward smaller sizes, within a reasonable range.

Board Flex and Special Features

Consider the board's flex and any special features. A stiffer board might allow for downsizing, while a softer board might necessitate sticking closer to the recommended size range.

Volume Shift Technology:

Impact on Sizing Boards equipped with volume shift technology alter traditional sizing. Understanding this feature helps in downsizing while retaining the intended feel of the board.

Comprehensive Sizing Approach

Start with height, then factor in weight, riding style, board flex, and any innovative board technology, like volume shift, for your sizing decision.

Our Peter Glenn Experts

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