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Everything You Need to Get Started Behind the Boat

by Jim O'Leary | May 19, 2021

Winter can’t last forever, so here at Peter Glenn Ski & Sports we fill our time waiting for the mountains to return by spending time on the water. Kayaking, diving, or just swimming we do it all. But our favorites might be waterskiing and wakeboarding, because they give us the ...

Tech Talk: Union Rover Approach Ski Package

by Jim O'Leary | Apr 7, 2021

"New" is a big part of what makes snowboarding work. It started out as a new way to go downhill, and as it's grown people have continued to seek new tricks, new terrain, and new gear to help them ride better. And the Union Rover Approach Ski Package is another ...

Spring Ski Gear Basics

by Suzie Dundas | Feb 26, 2021

All right – you’re finally planning a ski trip! But wait – it’s in April. You may not want to wear that bulky down jacket. But what should you wear? Knowing how to dress and modifications to make to use during spring skiing and riding can be tricky. In some ways, ...

Six Tips for Beginner Snowshoers Blog Post

Six Tips for Beginner Snowshoers

by Suzie Dundas | Jan 14, 2021

Not sure if you'll make it to the slopes this season? No problem – why not just give snowshoeing a try? Sure, snowshoeing may not have the "cool" reputation skiing does (though that's changing quickly), but it can be a great way to get out in nature without being surrounded ...

Buyers Guide: Choosing the Perfect Baselayer

by Suzie Dundas | Dec 22, 2020

Sure, base layers may not have the cool factor of a new ski jacket or set of powder skis, but you could make the argument that they're just as crucial to making sure you have a great day on the hill. Why? Because base layers are the first layer of defense ...

2020 Holiday Guide: Finding the Perfect Gift

by Jim O'Leary | Dec 10, 2020

Here we are, the most stressful time of the year. Picking gifts for the skiers and snowboarders in your life can be a challenge. Especially if you’re not a winter sports person yourself. Because sure, it’d be great to get them some new gear, but you don’t know much about ...

5 Best All-Mountain 2021 Skis for Women

by Jim O'Leary | Nov 23, 2020

The way all mountain skis have improved in the last few years is, quite simply put, spectacular. Modern skis ride smoother, are easier to control, and perform better in all conditions. And all mountain skis, like the ones shown here, represent some of the most balanced and capable performers on ...

5 Best All-Mountain 2021 Skis for Men

by Jim O'Leary | Nov 20, 2020

Having a big collection is nice, and on paper, it would be great to have a dedicated powder ski, and a dedicated resort ski, and a touring setup, and … okay we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We love skis, and we love gear, but the reality is that our ski ...

5 Best All-Mountain 2021 Snowboards for Women

by Jim O'Leary | Nov 13, 2020

We are in a golden era, with some of the best women’s all-mountain snowboards ever made hitting the slopes over the past couple of years. In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s harder than ever to pick a bad snowboard, they really are all that good. But that does mean ...