Peter Glenn Ski and Sports Affiliate Program

If you have a website devoted to the outdoors, and particularly skiing and snowboarding, our affiliate program can make you a lot of money.

About us

For 50 years we’ve been connecting people to the outdoors. With our roots in Vermont, we have a huge brick-and-mortar presence across the country, especially in the Southeast. Our customers are loyal to us and dedicated to the outdoors – some have been with us for over 20 years.

Why partner with us?

We’re Different:

  • We carry the big names like The North Face, Burton, and Spyder, but specialize in high-end brands like Bogner, Nils, and Kjus (these high-end brands equal higher average order, and higher commission).
  • Over 20 physical stores give us great brand recognition and a huge customer base
    We have a huge kids’ section and are cornering the family market
  • $120-$180 average order depending on season

We’re Dedicated:

  • 100% Parasite-Free
  • In-house support staff
  • Generously scaled 9-12% commissions
  • 150-day Cookie Duration
  • Earn full commissions on sales from our extensive clearance section
  • Regularly updated sales, banners, and discount offers

Additional Rules

  • Once a sale is completed you get the commission. We only reverse fraud orders and do not reverse returns.
  • Affiliate will not post any coupon codes or discount offers not provided specifically for Affiliate Partners.
  • Affiliate agrees not to exploit any Peter Glenn marks to influence the affiliate partner sites ranking in search results on any search engine, or for any other reason.
  • Affiliate Partner Site(s) will not buy or bid on any of Peter Glenn’s company names or any variation or misspelling on any pay-for-placement search engine.
  • Affiliate Partner Site(s)domain name(s) cannot contain Peter Glenn marks or any misspellings or variations of those marks.

How to apply

Simple! Click here and fill out the AvantLink Application. You should hear from us within 24 hours.