The Fanny Pack Is Back!

Sochi Fanny Pack

It’s not just for retro spring skiing anymore!

The upside of COVID is that my regular running game is strong. I walk/run every morning between two and six miles depending on how my body feels and how much time I have.

I love to listen to the news or a podcast and I’m tired of carrying my phone in my hand. Initially, I busted out this classic fanny pack I scored in Sochi during the 2014 Olympics but I upgraded at since then.

Below is my analysis so you can pick the one that is right for you.

Osprey Daylite Waistpack

The Osprey Daylite Waistpack is on the larger side for running. Obviously, the real runners reading this are laughing right now but I like this pack for a couple of reasons. In the early morning when I like to walk to run it’s often cold and I’m just getting my body going. Therefore, I can’t bear to part with my cozy long-sleeve second layer.

Of course, when I start running, I’m over it. This pack allows me to stash my gear and still run comfortably with my iPhone 11, a second layer, and even a beanie in it.

I also stop to take a lot of pictures of creatures and scenics and this pack makes it easy to get your phone out quickly with my phone in the front pocket. 

Nathan Marathon Running Pak

Nathan Marathon Running Pack Features

The Nathan Marathon Running Pak is my other favorite. This is your everyday go-to. The pack is light and sleek and you barely notice it while running. The belt doubles to keep my sweat pants up (bonus) and it’s super quick to get your phone in and out of when you need to switch your podcast or take an IG selfie.

I know... I’m a serious runner.

The Nathan Marathon Pak has one main zip pocket that has a slim divider where my phone lives and it has a Velcro front pocket with a couple of pouches in front which I don’t use much. Could be good for the AirPods you forgot to charge (super bummer) or a spare pair of wired headphones. I think these pockets are designated in the manual for your empty energy gels and other gear, but that’s not what I’m using them for.

If you do get serious and decide to run a marathon, this pack can do that as well. The pack has elastic loops for your full running gels.  I like the mesh on the body side of the pack because when I sweat and get some friction going against my skin there is no chafe. I love this pack. It would fit a plus-size phone too.

Fanny Pack Roundup 

Jonny Moseley Nathan Marathon Running Pack

I tested the slimmer versions of these packs too... for example the SPI waist belt but I found them to be tedious when taking your phone in or out. I also tested some other Nathan race packs that don’t have a buckle clasp but instead you step in and slip them on over your hips. Although I get it for serious racers because you don’t want any chance of chafing or extra weight, I find it annoying to deal with them first thing in the morning when you’re stiff. I’ve run ten miles with the packs above with no issues, so unless you are going richter, these are fine.

I also tested the big Nike pack in the photo but it is too large and bulky and the zipper rusted pretty quickly. I found the Osprey Daylite Waistpack to be the best of the larger packs. 

And finally... a running tip. If you have not run in a while tell yourself every morning you’re going for a walk...not a run... walk until your body feels like running. In other words, trick yourself into running. Walking always sounds good. And even if you only run for a short distance you will eventually build into running more and more.

Good luck. Enjoy.