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Ride Warpig Snowboard with Ride C-4 Binding Package (Men's)

Ride Warpig Snowboard with Ride C-4 Binding Package (Men's) -
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Package Description:

Style: PK217

The experts at Peter Glenn take the guesswork out of the perfect Ride snowboard package. They put together the Ride Warpig Snowboard with Ride A-6 Binding. The Warpig features the Directional Hybrid Rocker that maximizes agility and float while maintaining enough traction for hardpack and ice. The C-4 binding gives you the flexibility and support to give you a ride that’s stronger, quicker to respond when you’re exploring the mountain.

Products included in this package:

BOARD Ride Warpig Snowboard (Men's)

Profile Ability Level Flex


Style: R2202007

* Color of snowboard base may vary by size.

The Ride Warpig Snowboard is a little different from your usual freestyle options, and that's a good thing. Because while it is certainly at home in the terrain park, unlike the competition it's ready to take your creativity anywhere on the mountain or even into the backcountry. That's because it's built around a directional shape, both with taper for greater float and in Directional Rocker Profile. By putting more rocker in the nose, and keeping the board flat under your feet, you get a board that's agile, pressable, and poppy, while still getting all the grip and stability you need from the Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut.

  • Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut extends your contact points, giving the board better grip on ice and smoothing turn initiation
  • Directional shape maximizes float and tunes handling for easier control
  • Paulownia and Aspen woods give the Performance™ Core strength and snappy response
  • Cleave Edge™ construction uses high-strength steel to help you bite into the densest ice
  • Roll-In Construction extends the Slimewalls™ up onto the top of the board, improving durability while actually reducing weight
  • Sintered Race Base is stone-ground at the factory for maximum smoothness and speed
  • Slimewall™ construction uses urethane instead of ABS, giving you a smooth impact absorbing ride that’s easier on the environment
  • Double Impact Plates under each binding provide durable reinforcement
  • Topless Topsheet prints the board graphics directly on the fiberglass, reducing weight and improving durability
  • Length
    Nose Width
    Tail Width
    148 31.1 26 30.1
    151 31.6 26.5 30.6
    154 32.1 27 31.1
    158 32.8 27.7 31.8

BINDING Ride C-4 Snowboard Binding (Men's)


Style: R2204010

The Ride C-4 Snowboard Bindings are a simple answer to the simple question of how you’re going to attach yourself to your board. The Linkage Ratchets secure you in place using a One-Piece Ankle Strap and Minimalist Toe Strap, providing a secure hold that’s as light-weight as it is long-lasting. But that doesn’t mean these are a bare-bones option. Thanks the C-Series Performance Chassis you get serious strength under your feet, as well as a Diecut Basepad that offers impact absorption so you can focus on your next hit rather than worrying about the fallout of the last one.

  • Flex: 4 (1 being softest, 10 stiffest)
  • Design: All Mountain
  • Mounting: Universal Disk
  • Diecut Basepad offers impact absorption and vibration reduction between your bindings and the board
  • Minimalist Toe Strap reduces weight and bulk, providing a secure hold while eliminating anything that could compromise the quality of your ride
  • Linkage Ratchets offer a more secure hold while reducing ladder wear, ensuring superior performance for many seasons to come
  • Canted Footbed aligns your ankles, knees, and hips for improved comfort in any stance
  • Universal Mounting Disc works with all standard binding mounting systems

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