A Conversation with Ted Ligety

Since bursting onto the scene at age 21 and becoming the youngest American male to win an Olympic gold medal in Alpine skiing, Ted Ligety has become an icon in the outdoor industry. Known for his hard work and dedication, he has racked up tons of accolades including becoming the one U.S. male to win 2 Olympic gold medals along with winning five World Championship titles for giant slalom, the practice he’s most well known for.

Ted Ligety has defied the odds to reach his level of success. His profile in The New York Times covers his journey: 


He became famous for developing his unique slalom style, making him a force while racing in slalom. For an inside look at Ligety’s one of a kind style, be sure to check out The New York Times special:


Today he runs his own company called Shred, which creates safety equipment including goggles and helmets for skiers, snowboarders, and cyclists. 

In our conversation, we cover a wide range of topics including that unique slalom skiing technique, his journey to the Olympics, and his current projects.