Tips for Finding Your Perfect Inflatable

Connelly Cruzer Soft Top Water Tube Action

Wakeboarding and waterskiing are great; they’re something we’re passionate about here at Peter Genn. But there’s no denying that a good tube ride is a ton of fun too. And best of all, they’re a kind of fun that’s easy to share. Younger riders, or even adults with less experience behind the boat, can still have fun on an inflatable so long as they can hang on.

But that doesn’t mean all inflatables are the same. Some are built for speed, others carry you in comfort, and others still aren’t even meant to move, but instead serve as extra space next to an anchored boat.

To help you understand what options are out there, we’ve put together a sampler of some of our favorite inflatables so you can find what works best for the type of fun you’re trying to have.

Performance: O’Brien Booker 3

The non-traditional shape of the O’Brien Booker 3 Water Tube opens up a lot of opportunities on the water. The most obvious is the way the “book ends” (get it?) support you during high-speed maneuvers, keeping less-confident riders securely in place on top. But thanks to additional handles along the side, it also opens up possibilities for non-traditional riding styles that can add to the variety and excitement more confident riders will enjoy.

Classic: HO Sports Citrus

Ho Sports Citrus Water Tube

When most people say “tube”, this is what they mean. Well, that’s not entirely true, they usually mean an old black tire tube that’s a lot less capable, comfortable, and safe than the HO Sports Citrus Water Tube.

The bright colors help with visibility, bringing safety up while just looking refreshing. And the simple PVC and Nylon construction stands up to many summers of use while still providing a much more comfortable, and cooler, place to sit than the old rubber tube.

Lounging: O’Brien Playfield

O'Brien Playfield 12'

Not everything needs to be adrenaline-packed. So, grab a drink and enjoy the sunshine on either of the O’Brien Playfields – they come in an 18’ and 12’ design. Their rigid construction and abundant buoyancy make them ideal for laying out, sitting up, or even standing. So park your boat and expand your space for more comfort, or tie the O’Brien 18’ Playfield to an anchor and use it as a home-base for snorkeling and swimming.

But what if you want it all? The classic spray in your face feeling of riding a tube face-down, as well as high-performance options that let thrill-seekers turn up the volume as well as a comfortable place to chill while the boat is parked.

That’s the Connelly Impala Water Tube. The top of the tube is constructed using EVA foam, meaning you get cushioned comfort whether you’re riding through a particularly rough wake or just working on your tan.

All-Rounder: Connelly Impala


Multiple grab handles make it easy to get up or stay on the inflatable, and drop stitch construction gives this inflatable a rigid feel that not only puts you closer to the water but also makes it more stable for riding or just laying out.

Of course, these aren’t the only inflatables and tubes we carry. We have many more options in each of these categories, as well as ones that split the difference between any two categories. If you’re not seeing exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry! Peter Glenn is always here, in store and online, to help you find exactly what you need to have a great time outdoors.