Tech Talk: Union Rover Approach Ski Package

Union Rover Ski Package Exploring"New" is a big part of what makes snowboarding work. It started out as a new way to go downhill, and as it's grown people have continued to seek new tricks, new terrain, and new gear to help them ride better. And the Union Rover Approach Ski Package is another kind of new, it's a new way for you to get to the top of your next run. We put it together to help you, the experienced resort snowboarder, explore new terrain, whether you're seeking untracked powder a few days after a storm or if you're just trying to change the way you experience the mountain.

What is it?

The Union Rover Approach Ski Package is four things. There's the Union Rover Approach Skis themselves, the Union Expedition Splitboard Bindings, the Union Expedition Pack, and a pair of Union Aluminum Touring Poles. And it includes all of the hardware you need for them to attach to one another, as well as your snowboard.

What does that mean? It means this is a one-stop-shop to get you off the lifts and exploring new terrain. After familiarizing yourself with how everything works in your living room, your legs are the only limit to where you can snowboard.

How does it work?

The biggest revelation of the Union Rover Approach Ski Package is the approach ski itself. It functions part-way between snowshoe and cross-country ski, allowing you to effortlessly glide across traverses and even ski downhill for short distances when you need to. And for the all-important uphill the base has an integrated climbing skin rather than the slick P-Tex you're used to. A proprietary blend of synthetics and mohair give the climbing skin a directional texture, meaning you'll slide forward no problem, but find a surprising amount of traction when gravity tries to pull you backwards. If that's not enough traction, the included Crampons can help you bite into even the thickest ice.

Union Rover Ski Package Package

Keeping you attached to the skis is a pair of Union Expedition Bindings. These splitboard bindings attach to the skis at just the toe, allowing you a fuller range of motion while you're climbing, which improves comfort as well as efficiency. Then at the top they quickly transition onto your snowboard using the included Quiver Disk, allowing them to mount (and ride) just like a standard snowboard binding just with a much quicker installation process. Simply pull out the pin that held your toe onto the skis, then slide the pin through the Quiver Disk and the base of the Expedition Bindings. Not only does this make your transitions at the top quicker, but it also allows you to easily swap bindings between boards on resort days.

Does it work with what I already have?

Union Rover Ski Package Bindings

The answer is "probably yes". We're assuming you already have a snowboard, boots, and all of the accessories and essentials like gloves, helmet, and goggles. The stuff you use at the resort for "normal" snowboarding. The included Quiver Disk allows you to attach the Expedition Bindings to the board you already have, and the Expedition Pack makes it easier to carry the goggles, extra layer, as well as your board, for the hike up.

So assuming you already have the gear you need for "normal" snowboarding, the Union Rover Approach Ski Package will help you take your first steps away from the lifts.

But it doesn't stop there. The Union Expedition Bindings are fully-capable splitboard bindings. This means if you ever decide you want to upgrade to a traditional splitboard, you'll be able to move most of your gear, and all of your experience, over to your new board.

Where can I use it?

Part of the beauty of the Rover Approach Ski Package is that you can use it pretty much anywhere. In fact, many resorts now have favorable uphill-travel policies, meaning a new on-snow experience (and a good workout) is as close as your nearest resort. Just make sure you check the local rules and regulations, so you can be sure everyone on the mountain can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

They're also a great way to explore terrain that wouldn't be worth boot-packing your way up. Think sledding hills, local parks, or anywhere with elevation or some snow. The Rover Approach Skis will make getting to the top easy, and the Expedition Bindings will give you classic Union performance on the way back down.

Union Rover Ski Package Skis

And of course, there's a whole world full of backcountry to explore. Just remember, when you explore outside the resort there's no ski patrol to make sure you're safe. So always travel with the necessary safety equipment, the knowledge of how to safely avoid avalanche terrain, and a buddy you can count on if you need help.

Here at Peter Glenn, we know that exploring new terrain, or even familiar terrain in a new way, brings with it a lot of questions. Hopefully we were able to answer most of them here, but if we weren't, please get in touch. The gear experts at Peter Glenn will be more than happy to help you get outfitted, right here on or at any of our brick-and-mortar locations.