Tech Talk: The Burton Step On Binding System

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Until recently, the design of snowboard bindings had been kind of stagnant. There have obviously been improvements in comfort and adjustablity, from seamless straps to sliding heelcups. But at the end of the day, you were still strapping in using the same buckles and straps that snowboarders have been using for over twenty years.

That all changed when the Burton Step On® System came out. Using proprietary technology in the boots and bindings, they allow you to quickly lock onto your board, and just as easily get out when you’re done riding. It’s an exciting new technology, but how does it really work?

Burton Step On Binding for Women

How Step On® is Different

The first thing you notice looking at a Burton Step On® binding is unlike most other modern snowboard bindings, there’s no straps. So how does your foot stay in place?

That part is simple, because burton has designed their Step On® compatible boots with three cleats, two at either side of the front of your boot, and one at the back. They’re specifically positioned to click into place on the corresponding locks on your Step On® binding, making it really as simple as skating off the lift and stepping on to your Step On® binding. That’s it, you’re ready to ride! Getting out is almost as easy, with a simple release at the back of the binding that lets you quickly step off when it’s time to head back uphill.

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What Step On® Can Do

Of course the Step On® bindings from Burton are easy to put on, that’s the idea. But there’s more to them than that.

First off, they simplify the shopping process. With traditional bindings there’s not only the question of fit, but also performance. Different traditional bindings provide differing amounts of support, but with just three Step On® Bindings (one for men, one for women, and one for children) you just pick the one that’s right for you, and then pick the boot that gives you the support you need. Simple.

Traditional bindings can also vary on their compatibility, requiring the board you ride to have The Channel®, 4x4, or 4x2 insert patterns. But since all Burton Step On® bindings are built around the versatile Re:Flex mounting disk, they will work effortlessly with any major mounting system so you can enjoy the convenience whatever you’re riding.

Burton Step On Bindings

What Step On® Can’t Do

Unfortunately, despite all the great things they do that doesn’t mean Step On® are for everyone. The first, and most significant limitation is compatibility. If you’ve already got boots you love, they won’t work with Step On® bindings. And even if you’re planning on buying boots, for now you’re limited to Burton Step On® compatible boots.

Don’t get it twisted, Burton makes great boots, for traditional and Step On® bindings. But the fit of a snowboard boot might be the most important consideration when buying gear. So if the Step On® compatible boots from Burton aren’t the best fit for your foot, the Step On® system might not be for you.

Whether they’re a perfect fit for you or not, Burton Step On® technology represents the most significant improvement in binding technology in almost two decades. So it’s absolutely worth checking out, at your local Peter Glenn Ski & Sport or right here on our Burton Step On Page