5 Best Freestyle Snowboards of 2019

If the part of the mountain you’re most interested in is the terrain park, then you’ll be best served by riding one of these Best Freestyle Men’s Snowboards. What makes a snowboard a great freestyle board is agility, whether you’re double corking in a half pipe, or trying to boardslide a beginner box, a lighter and more responsive freestyle snowboard will make it easier to control the board in the air, and line up the takeoff for your next trick.

Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard

Salomon Huck Knife


The Huck Knife represents the ideal of a freestyle board in so many ways. With a twin shape it simplifies the take off or landing process when you’re riding switch. With a medium-soft flex you’ll have no trouble controlling it on the snow or in the air, and you’ll lock into presses and butters with no problem. The hybrid camber profile, Salomon’s Quad Camber, gives you plenty of pop when you’re looking to catch air. But you won’t catch and edge, thanks to the Freestyle Bevel Edge that lifts contact points up and away from boxes and rails.

Burton Paramount Snowboard

Burton Paramount


The Paramount is a classic design, shaped like the boards freestyle pioneers have been riding for decades. It has a traditional camber profile, which of course gives you plenty of grip on icy features and also boosts your ollies higher with plentiful pop. The Channel™ binding mounting system lets you mount Burton bindings with The Hinge (sold seperately) for a more laterally-flexible feel and a skateboard-like ride.

Never Summer Proto Type Two Snowboard

Never Summer Proto Type Two


If you’re a freestyler at heart, but want a board that works on trails and bigger lines too, you’ll love the Proto Type Two. Handbuilt in Colorado it’s got legendary quality, but it’s also a test bed for some of Never Summer’s latest technology. For example, there’s a Rocker Pad right inside the base at the center of the board. By smoothing out rough terrain and harsh landings, that Rocker Pad gives you a more stable ride in all conditions, making it easy to stomp your trick and get set for the next hit.

Gnu Carbon Credit Asym Snowboard

Gnu Carbon Credit Asym


The Carbon Credit has been a top pick in the park for a while, with it’s ultralight weight and snappy pop thanks to the Original Banana profile. But Gnu has taken it even further than that this year, using an asymmetric shape to give this board a heel and toe side edge, rather than a nose and a tail. You just mount your bindings according to the instructions on your topsheet, and you’ll get more consistent performance no matter which way you’re spinning. Plus, that asymmetric shape gives this board more a predictable ride when switch, making it easier to take off or land “backwards”.

K2 Party Platter Snowboard

K2 Party Platter


Riders tend to prefer smaller boards for freestyle, appreciating the reduced weight and quicker response that comes from a shorter stick. But the Party Platter takes that idea even further by being designed to ride a full 10cm shorter than your “regular” board. That’s because it uses Volume Shift™ technology to give you the power and stability of a full size board, just in an even shorter length that maximizes agility and cuts weight for one of the most chuckable boards on the mountain.

No matter what board you choose, you can rest easy knowing you only have to stop at one place to get it all. Peter Glenn Ski & Sports is your one-stop-shope for all the best freestyle snowboards on the market!