5 Best All-Mountain 2021 Snowboards for Women

Gnu Whip Snowboard

We are in a golden era, with some of the best women’s all-mountain snowboards ever made hitting the slopes over the past couple of years. In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s harder than ever to pick a bad snowboard, they really are all that good.

But that does mean it’s actually hard to understand what to look for when you’re shopping for a women’s all-mountain snowboard. We like to look at it as being about choosing a personality that matches what you want to do on the snow. For example, this is how some of our favorite women’s all-mountain snowboards behave this season.

Burton Yeasayer Flying V Snowboard

Riders looking for more than they’re used to have been picking the Burton Yeasayer for a few years now, and for good reason. This versatile and capable board represents an easy way to transition to owning your own gear, with a Flying V profile and medium-soft flex that keeps you in control while allowing for a fun forgiving ride. And thanks to Burton’s Infinite Ride technology, it’s also extremely long-lasting, meaning it will be able to give you good times on the mountain for many seasons to come.

Gnu Chromatic Snowboard

Gnu Chromatic Snowboard

Another board where the fun comes first, the Gnu Chromatic Snowboard draws a lot of inspiration from freestyle boards with a flexy feel that’s super pressable but still delivers a punch of pop. But it’s more versatile than a true park board, thanks to Magne-Traction® edges that help it find grip on groomed slopes while the Banana rocker not only enhances agility but also gives this board a ton of float when you find some powder. Look at it this way, if you’re idea of all-mountain means treating every run like the terrain park, the Chromatic is the board you want to be riding.

Never Summer Infinity Snowboard

Normally when a board is built as a women’s model, it’s just a softer milder version of the men’s version. But that’s not the case with the Never Summer Infinity Snowboard. It has the same Original Rocker Camber profile you find on Never Summer’s men’s boards, and the Durasurf Sintered 4501 Base is just as fast and just as durable. Even the Carbon VXR Laminates are tuned to deliver the same pop and power flowing from the bindings to your contact points, are calibrated to give you the performance you deserve from a truly capable all-mountain board.

RIDE Compact Snowboard

Ride Compact Snowboard

Obviously, snowboarding is worth the effort, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. The RIDE Compact Snowboard is a capable and versatile snowboard built to do what you want when you want. But what makes it stand out from the rest is its willingness to do it. With a directional profile, turn initiation goes smoother and quicker, meaning you can carve harder and weave easier, making this the perfect board for progressing your riding to the next level. And it’s got Slimewall™ sidewalls, enhancing durability while giving you a smooth, even flex that also absorbs some of the chatter when you’re riding on less than ideal conditions.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve got chill boards, funky boards, and “normal” boards too. It’s just a matter of finding the board that’s right for you, and that’s what the gear experts at Peter Glenn, in-store and online, specialize in.