5 Best All-Mountain 2021 Snowboards for Men

Gnu Antigravity Snowboard

Being a Florida-based snowboard shop, we’re aware of the realities of traveling to get to snow. Specifically, the limitations checked baggage restrictions put on bringing gear. We’d love to have every one of our boards available to us every time we head to the hills, but that gets over the baggage weight limit real fast.

Which is part of why we love all-mountain snowboards so much. Whether the conditions call for searching for grip in the terrain park or slashing through pow on a snow day, they’re able to deliver a riding experience that simply works no matter what you’re in to. And while there’s a lot of great options out there for men’s all-mountain snowboards, these are some of our favorites for the 2020/2021 season.

Arbor Foundation Snowboard

Arbor Foundation Snowboard

Like the start to any good building, the Arbor Foundation Snowboard is a solid, predictable place to build your season on. It’s a true rocker, meaning it’s shaped to focus pressure between your bindings, giving you greater agility and a surfy feel on hard snow with plenty of float on soft snow. But since it’s Arbor’s parabolic rocker it’s still easy to engage the edge when you need control on hardpack. And that’s just the start, because this board is feature-packed to help you progress your riding without worrying about whether or not your board can keep up.

Burton Custom Snowboard

This board is the latest in a long, long line of snowboards with a hard-earned reputation for versatility. Odds are if you look at a “best of” list from ten, even twenty years ago, there’s a Burton Custom Snowboard on it. And for good reason, these boards are workhorses designed to last an absurdly long time while delivering every feature experienced snowboarders need on the mountain. Nowadays, there are even choices to be made once you pick a custom. Go with the Custom Camber for traditional power, precision, and control, or step into the future with the Custom Flying V that still offers a ton of control, but with more float and enhanced agility.

Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

I’ll let you in on a little secret- the “camber dominant hybrid”, the profile that’s found its way into every corner of snowboarding for the past few years? It started here, with the Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard. That’s why they named the profile after it, because it cuts through hardpack like, well, a saw. You get all of the power and pop of traditional camber, but thanks to a touch of rocker between the bindings you get a more even pressure profile that makes this board more predictable, and actually more powerful too.

CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard

Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard

Probably the best example of how they do things a little differently in Seattle, the CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard is built for riders not willing to compromise in any way. It’s capable, no doubt about that with the Resort V1 Profile. But it’s durable too, with Fortress™ sidewalls wrapped in Kevlar. Kevlar, the bulletproof vest stuff. Plus there’s a Quantum Drive™ base, infused with special materials to make it lighter, faster, and stronger than anything else out there. It all works together to make a board that’s powerful yet predictable, aggressive yet controllable, and all-around perfect for a rider looking to give it their all on every inch of the mountain.

Lib Tech Cold Brew Snowboard

Lib Tech Cold Brew Snowboard

When your definition of “All Mountain” includes flirting with the sidecountry and hiking to inbounds lines the lifts don’t service, you’re looking for a board that gives you exactly what the Lib Tech Cold Brew Snowboard brings to the table. It’s built to be manageable, with a C2 Profile that gives you plenty of agility for weaving through the trees or having fun on your way back to the lift, but it’s also got aggressive edge hold to make it easy to control on high-consequence lines and less than ideal snow conditions. The directional shape helps it turn like a dream, and lifts the nose on powder so you’re ready for the deep days that make all the extra work worth it.

Of course, these are just some of the all-mountain options available to you. In fact, any of the boards we recommended last year would still be just as good of a pick as they were last season. So really, there’s a lot of options. But if you feel there are too many options don’t worry, Peter Glenn’s friendly gear experts are always here for you, online or at your local Peter Glenn store.