GORE-TEX® Products

Products enhanced with GORE-TEX® fabric enable skiers and snowboarders to experience their environment in ultimate comfort and protection. Every GORE-TEX® product carries the Guaranteed To Keep You Dry™ promise*; ensured through best in class materials,
construction, technology and the toughest testing anywhere. Whether your mission is to open and close the mountain or simply ride in style, GORE-TEX® products help you do it - drier, warmer and for longer.



The microporous structure of the GORE-TEX® membrane is what makes GORE-TEX® fabrics completely waterproof. Each microscopic pore is about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, which means no external moisture - from rain to snow to that puddle you just stepped in - can penetrate the membrane.
Shivering? It could be the windchill effect. This occurs when cold air penetrates your clothing, robbing heat from your body's sensitive microclimate. To keep you comfortable and protected in the windiest conditions, the GORE-TEX® membrane has been engineered to provide an impenetrable wind shield. Your gear breathes, but wind stays out.
The pores in the GORE-TEX® membrane are 700 times bigger than a water vapor molecule, so perspiration can easily evaporate through and you can stay dry from the inside out. Breathability is an important component of comfort when you are active.

The new GORE-TEX® Pro products:

Improved ruggedness and up to 28% increased breathability combined with durability and windproofness.

The result: Better comfort in more conditions for (ski) mountaineers, freeriders, mountain guides and serious outdoor enthusiasts.

*Guaranteed to Keep You Dry® PROMISE: This means that no liquid from the outside will get to you on the inside. This includes moisture from the wet grass you’re kneeling in to the sudden squall you get caught in. And that's a promise.