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"You will love this mount!!"

I have been bungeee cording my bikes against the inside of my f350 bed to for years. The bikes shift and rub together sometime falling over as well. I just bought a new truck and i didn't want it to get scratched up. This mount from Yakima is a god send! The mount has foam pads that cushion the clamping action on the rail and it has absolutely no negative effect on the plastic bed rail. It is super sturdy and mounts the bike up high showing off the bike (it's vain to but it's a nice looking bike). While in motion and taking turns the bike sits rock solid. If you want to lock the bike just buy a cable lock and lock it to your tie downs. Buy this mount, you won't be dissapointed!! As a side note, by mounting your bike or bikes sideways in the truck bed you leave 3/4 the rest of the bed open for storage of other items... bonus!

Posted by God from Chicago, Illinois on 08/11/2009 - 9:22am