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"Best insoles I've used!"

These insoles are the best I've used for hiking. They made an immediate difference with no "break-in" time. Excellent arch support and completely eliminated my foot pain over 5+ mile hikes.

Posted by Complexity from Central Texas on 01/02/2013 - 9:04am

I had heel spurs and was facing surgery when a friend recommended I try this product. Immediately I could put my weight on my heels again without the extreme pain that I had for months. Within 6 months of wearing them every day, I could start wearing some of my "normal" shoes that wouldn't allow for inserts. I still use these when I will be on my feet all day (I am a teacher).

The only thing that I don't like is that I can't wear them with my sandals and some of my other shoes.

I highly recommend anyone with foot problems to try these!

Posted by Kari Anne from Florida on 09/08/2009 - 11:25am