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"Great ski boots"

The Nordica Transfire R2 Ski Boots are a perfect combination of performance and comfort. I tried a lot of different types of boots and these worked out the best for me. They are very comfortable, warm, fit well, and perform great.

Posted by Happy skier from Central Sierras on 04/22/2015 - 9:52pm
"Surprizingly good skis"

I purchased these Nordica skis at Peter Glenn late December. I was looking for intermediate level skis, not stiff, easy going for all snow conditions. I read some reviews before buying and many stated this skis are entry level, beginner type. Well, not quite true in my opinion. they are fast enough, easy to control speed, very maneuverable. I was pretty impressed and happy to get them for such a reasonable price. the only disadvantage about these skis is that on higher speeds it feels a bit bumpy but that seems to be normal for that category of skis. On a side note i was pretty impressed with customer service at their shop. Initially they shipped me not the skis I really wanted, but exchanged it for the right product w/out any issues.

Posted by SF from New York on 03/18/2015 - 12:02pm
"A fantastic groomer/race ski for advanced and experts alike"

These Nordica skis are amazing! I am 5'10", 160lbs, 53 years old, and I am an expert skier. I love to carve and have been test driving full race skis for several years now. I settled on these skis in 176cm due to the great reviews. This ski naturally dives right into the fall line with impressive power steering and strength to carve deep trenches in ice and hard snow. No joke. This ski is “full-race-like” and a true hybrid ski of SL and GS turns. Hand tuned at .5 degree/3 degree, I am blown away with the unflinching, high speed limit, carving ability of this ski in almost all turn shapes. Might ski even better at 1 degree/ 3 degree but love the immediate response of the .5 degree base bevel. It is a stiff ski backed with metal with just under a 16 meter radius in the 176cm. The SL tip to GS body, or graduated radius, really works and Nordica has nailed it for years in this ski and in others. The 2015 was an upgrade over previous years of this ski that I have demoed. The binding system is so easy to adjust so your bros and sisters can jump right in and try them out. The system binding also really works to let the ski naturally flex and that, I know, was part of the idea here. It all comes together very well at a reasonable price point. Graphics? : Super cool! A fantastic groomer/race ski for advanced and experts alike wanting a cheater race ski for mostly groomers and race courses.

Posted by Skiraft from Spokane, WA USA on 03/15/2015 - 7:04pm
"This is an awesome all mountain ski!"

188cm length. After 5 days on it at Steamboat Springs, condition from hard pack to fresh powder of 11 inches. The Nordica NRGY 90 does it all well and is confidence inspiring. I think this ski excels in the versatile and playful categories. It is especially good in the bumps and the crud. Inspires confidence and encourages you you extend your boundaries. Will carve railroad tracks on groomers when tips pressured and edged into the turn at moderate to high speed. I am an expert skier and these skis live between my Volkyl Race Tigers and my Armada AK JJ 195's in performance. Very light weight, softer tips.

Posted by JB from Steamboat on 02/27/2015 - 2:36am
"Built from the ground up to make amends for the previous boots."

This Nordica boot is at the top of the category and tied for best in test. This boot and a very small handful of others rated higher than any of the custom shell molded boots in the market place. Interesting indeed when you consider the same boot fitter/testers predicted only a couple years ago that the custom shelled boots were on the verge of taking over the market place. Go Figure!

Posted by Jeffy from BC Canada on 12/20/2014 - 8:13pm
"Very nice fit for a longer, narrower foot like mine."

This is not a race boot, not designed for uber stiffness (see Transfire R1 or equiv. for that), but it suits my needs and FITS, which is key. With some easy doctoring i.e., a Superfeet Red insoles and a bit of lift ad these boots feel very comfortable. I have a long, slender, size 13 men's foot and needed something less "generic" visa vis the foot last that the boot is built from. Most size 13 feet are thicker than mine and many boots this size are built to those fatter specs. This 100mm last size works very well for me, given the addition preparations described above to get me foot into the top of the boot and secure my heels. (To that end, I may consider some heel boot fitting foam. Not perfect but necessary for these flippers that I call feet.)

Highly recommended for the int/adv "recreational" skier. I put recreational in quotes because I often ski 40 mph and carve like hell, and these boots can do it all day without pain and discomfort.

Posted by Christopher in CA from Northern CA on 01/11/2014 - 4:30pm
"THE most comfortable ski boot on the market!"

I have gone through 15+ pairs of boots in my 9 years of skiing. I am 45 years old and I have worn them all. My last boots were the Nordica Beast 12. I had them worked over and over at ski shops to try to stop the hot spots but to no avail. I believed foot pain was part of it so I suffered through it for the last 4 years. That's tried until I tried on the Nordica cruise 80, WOW! Right off the bat I knew these were it, the comfort is incredible and now my feet don't hurt when the vacation is over, NO BLISTERS! I wish the flex was about 90, I tried the cruise 100 on but it didn't feel the same. I love the boots so much I bought a second pair just in case. I have 6 days in a row, 5 to 7 hours a day on these boots and no pain. On my last trip I skied every day and enjoyed it. I used these boots with Nordica jet fuel skis and these boots have changed the way I ski. I can finally fully enjoy the day!

Posted by Jeepinzach from Tennessee on 10/14/2012 - 5:56pm
"Great skis - great service from Peter Glenn"

My wife loves these skis. A immediate upgrade from the skis she was renting as a beginner. She reports them very easy to turn and has taken great strides with these skis since she got off of rentals.

The folks at Peter Glenn were great. After ordering these online we found out that we were going skiing in 2 days. I called and asked if shipping could be expedited and Ashley with customer service really took care of business. I highly recommend doing business with this company.

Posted by G, Knight from Idaho Springs, Colorado - Ski Country USA on 01/24/2012 - 12:46pm
"Great boot, excellent service from Peter Glenn"

Ended up buying these after doing extensive online searches, asking the Peter Glenn people a question above, (which they answered promptly); then trying them on at a local, (much more expensive) ski shop. The fit is near perfect, and the flex seems to be just right for me.

I have 30 days in which to try them on and send them back at no shipping cost to me, although I'm keeping them! You worry about things like this when making an online buying decision, especially for something like ski boots, which really do have to fit right. This company made the experience a pleasure to do business with, and I highly recommend them.

Posted by Mark Hyman from Texas on 05/05/2011 - 8:50am
"A great speedy and turning all mtn ski"

I demoed this ski in Snowmass CO thanks to Incline Sports. I am an old fart who skis fast coming off an old pair of Nordica 0.0 of the late '90 version of early somewhat shaped skis. The skis are truly amazing and if you like fast and then screech to a slower speed to ski some bumps or just throw in some short turns for the excercise these are your skis.

Posted by Johnny Hart from Stockbridge, MA on 03/14/2011 - 5:37pm