Hestra Gloves

Hestra hails from some of the coldest regions of the world, tasked with keeping hands warm. Since 1936 they've been doing just that, and doing it well. Hestra began as a family-run business, and operates their own factories giving them complete control over every aspect of the process. This makes Hestra Gloves technically superior, and ensures a consistent quality product that you can count on to keep you warm. Check out the Hestra lobster claw. These best-selling 3-finger gloves bridge the gap between mitten and glove for the best in warmth and dexterity.

User Reviews of Products

"Excellent Ski Glove"

Used glove at ski locations in south VA. Excellent warmth and waterproof. Very comfortable and easy to operate controls of Ipod and phone with gloves on.

Posted by RJ from VA on 01/30/2011 - 11:58am
"More impressed than I expected"

I took a pair out to fly my paramotor this morning. The temp was 31 degrees F with a consistent 23 mph wind. I flew for an hour and my hands were fine and did not get cold. While flying there is NO physical activity to generate some heat. These did very well, offered reasonable dexterity and look to be very durable. I really like the wrist bands that are attached to the gloves. I could take the gloves off in flight (to operate my camera) and not worry about dropping them. I also demo'd a pair of down-filled gloves that were excellent but these seemed to be just a little warmer. They didn't SEEM like they would be that warm in the store vs the down filled but in the air they definitely were.

Posted by JerryH from Roswell Rd Ga on 12/29/2010 - 5:46pm